​EEO invites an educational consultant from another island or abroad to present important information on teaching tools for special needs students. Topics range from new reading strategies, writing workships, learning games, and also parenting strategies. Everyone--teachers, parents, caregivers and the community at large--is invited to attend. 

Past Presenters

​Ms. Jennifer Alexiou, Hearing Specialist, Nassau
Dr. Timothy Barrett, Psychiatrist, Nassau
Mr. Blair Cochran, Reading Specialist, Miami
Dr. Judy Cohen, Professor, Florida International University
Dr. Edwin Demeritte, Pediatric Neurologist, Nassau
Ms. Emily DeLiddo, Colombia University, NYC
Dr. Judith Gold, Director, Project LEARNS, Bank Street College, New York
Mr. William Holland, Special Educator, Eleuthera
Dr. Sharon Kossacks, Professor, Florida International University, Literacy Specialist, University of Miami
Dr. Carolyn Nemuth, Pearson Reading Company, Florida
Dr. Alison Shook, Special Education Professor, University of Miami
Ms. Susy Siel, Literacy Specialist, Wisconsin
Ms. Aliette Weill, Behaviour Management Specialist, Miami
Mrs. Gail Wisdom, Principal of Academia, Nassau

Interdisciplinary Team of Medical Professionals

​Medical specialists visit the island to assess and provide follow-up consultations to students with severe learning difficulties and their parents. The team includes the following individuals:

Dr. Benabe, Hearing Specialist
Paula Bowleg, Speech Therapist, Nassau
Sharon Clarke, Speech Therapist, Nassau
Dr. Edwin Demeritte, Pediatric Neurologist
Michelle Hannah, Pediatric Nurse
Dianne May, Physical Therapist
Kim Scrivin, Audiologist, Nassau
Vanessa Williams, Occupational Therapist
Cynthia Stanko, Infant Stimulation Therapist
Andrea Moss, Occupational Therapist

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